Elena Smeu, our Junior Front-end Developer is now onboard full time

We proudly announce that Elena Smeu was hired full-time as Jr. Front-End Developer. She has been doing an excellent work in building the front-end of our AI platform,  while also finishing her undergraduate thesis on Rotaract Europe E-commerce Platform.  Elena has just passed her finals at university and would like to share part of her journey with you:

Interests, hygge and work

"I am a regular Gen-z: I enjoy travelling or spending time with friends and have painting as hobby. Right after my 19th birthday I found myself alone with a single luggage in Copenhagen, where a train was going to take me to Horsens. I have been living in Denmark for almost 4 years (Aug) and despite a few ups and downs whilst adapting to a new lifestyle I discovered hygge, and things started to make sense again.

I have been working as a Front-end Developer for the past 1 year and a half, starting with internships and continued my journey at Vertikal AI where I can experience the start-up way of thinking.

It was a dream for me to work in the renewable energy industry since after following a seminar at university about the wind-turbines and the technologies in this sector. It didn't seem then, that software had a place in such sector, but after meeting Vertikal AI I learned that machine learning has a variety of applications within the renewable energy industry."


Jr Front end developer Elena Smeu - Vertikal AIElena is 22, from Romania and has recently graduated

as Software Engineer from Via College.

Personal growth and planning the next steps

"One of my plans for the future is to apply for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence masters at DTU University. Working with a team of Data Scientist experts and talented Software Engineers led me to discover the path I want to follow.

I have always been independent and resourceful, but being part of this team has helped me improve my skills in prioritizing tasks in my personal and professional life. It proved to be a great asset while writing and managing the project for my finals. I have just had a virtual graduation and am excited about the next steps, but for now I want celebrate with my friends."




About Elena Smeu

Elena Smeu Jr Front-end Developer Vertikal AI

Elena Smeu is a Software Engineer undergraduate and is now full-time part of our team as a Jr. Front-end Developer. Linkedin-Free-Download-PNG